Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Ok, so when I started this blog, I told you I could keep it as honest as possible..... I need to vent!!!

This is my fourth week of student teaching and I am still loving it. Students are being good but I can tell that the so call "honey moon" stage is coming to an end! Three observations down and who knows how many more to go. I am getting excellent feedback with just a few recommendations, but would rather have none since I am close to perfect!!!! Ok, I am pushing it! But I have to say I am pleased and having a blast. My good friend and master teacher keeps me motivated and on my toes.

Here is where it gets tricky... I leave at 7:40 in the morning, student teach until 2, work in the classroom until about 3:15 or so, then off to my job until 5:30 or so. Lately, due to the increase amount of paperwork for both school, library, and the office, I don't get out of work until 7:30 or so. I know, I know... so many people are pulling long hours but this is taking a toll on me. I am getting sick, my house is looking more and more like one of the homes in "clean house" show and I have no patience for one more request. UGH! To make things a little more interesting.... Today my sub was out sick, so I spent little to no time in the classroom and my to do list just triple! After a long day at work, I had the "pleasure" of chaperoning the 7th & 8th grade valentine dance. OMG.... Brent was slow dancing... I didn't mind, but now... I think it's starting to bug me.... I need him to stay little! I also had fun dancing!!! YES, I DANCED! Might as well have some fun! However.... towards the end I could feel my throat and chest getting dry and tight. 9:00 pm and I just sat down and was hoping to go to bed, unfortunately I must go pick up my darling boy at the high school basketball game and wait for my princess to get home from the movies. Oh how I love ALL the activities we are in!

Ok.... I think I have complained enough and you are up to date! Starting my solo week on Monday!!! OH NO.... Valentine's Day!!!! Wish me luck!