Monday, May 26, 2014

Confessions of teens mom #5

Remember when you were a teenager and you fell head of heels for the boy or girl? First love is wonderful!!!! No one listens to anyone but then come the heartbreak where life is just OVER! I remember going through it and counting on my friend to help it make it better. Back in the day we didn't have social media where we could vent or txt messages where we could let the other read our feelings. So glad I didn't have that because I don't know how I would have handled. 
Today, I sat with my boy and try to explain life and the future... So hard to break someone's heart and have your heartbroken. But life is beautiful and choices we make today has an ever lasting impact. 
To my son and daughter, life is great make the most of it. Study hard, devote to your high school years because it will fly by, and never forget... Friends come and go but family is forever! Love you babies and thank you son for allowing me to be there through your hard times. 
Mama bear! 
L.O.L (lots of love)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

To my son and daughter!

Nothing more to say!!! Just read and take it all in!!!! 


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Confessions of teens mom #4

Growing up I didn't give too much thought to how my parents behaved when they were teenagers. I do know my dad had it rough, my mom not so much but not spoiled. But regardless of financial circumstances, how were they as teenagers? Did they get in trouble or were they goody goody? I was a daddy's girl, but still had to abide by the "rules of the house" and it didn't matter if it made me upset or not. I do remember some more rebellious moments of my teenage years and now wonder what my parents were thinking? Did they want to strangle me? Gave up on trying at times (4th child!) or did they think, "Hey, been through it, it's now her turn"? As my kids are challenging me on daily basis, I think back on how I handled some of the same situations and how parents reacted. And I have to say... I think I got the better end of the deal! My parents didn't work at the school I attended, my group of church friends had my back (cause I had theirs), I didn't have a cell phone so they could keep tabs on me, I didn't live in a small town where everyone knew me and reported to my parents. So, is it fair that I am on my kids non stop? I see, hear, read things that my parents would have never been able to. Am I just overbearing and not allowing my kids to grow and learn from their mistakes? Or am I preventing them from stupid mistakes that could ruin their future lives? How to balance the difficult things that the today's youth goes through that it was not a problem when I was growing up or when my parents were teenagers. Parenthood is the most challenging task that a person goes through as we try to balance what was learned, what the kids should learn, and the evolvement of each generation. Wow! Life just got super complicated!!!!  I hope my kids will understand some day that I am not perfect (even tho I say I am!) and that all that I do, is with the best intention to make them model citizens and be successful in whatever they decide to do in the future.  
Here is to many more days of second guessing my decisions and arguments! 
L.O.L (Lots of Love!)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Confessions of teens mom #3

Well... We r that age! No, not the terrible twos but the disgusting, horrible, nightmarish 16! Junior year, spring time, and he KNOWS all and WANTS all regardless if he deserves or not. Oh yeah... He is always right! Pfff... Nothing we do is good enough, we are the meanest parents, we are dumb and cheap. I know I will regret saying this BUT.... Is it time for college yet?!?!?!
Prom is around the corner and we have been making him work to earn some money... Wow! That is the end of the world! His friends are getting everything handed to them and they get to drive to prom... Sorry buddy! You belong to your unconsidered and cheap parents! We just spent $400 to rent tux, and we just wanted him to feel like he contributed to paying for something), tickets, flowers, and still waiting to hear the PLAN! And sorry we have a van and you are not legally eligible to drive other people. 
Yes, I am mean, cheap, and obey the law (for the most part)! I am trying to raise a responsible, caring, law abiding citizen here! 
PS: I'm excited to take prom pics with him and his date. It is a big deal to attend prom! (I can only guess... Never went!)

L.O.L. (Lost of Love) 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Confession of teens mom#2

Have you ever felt like what is YOURS,  Belongs to everyone else? While kids were growing up, I had to sacrifice my sleep, my mealtime, my looks (many days looked like a hobo!), new pair of jeans, shoes, etc. so the kids could have the latest apparel that would last a whole month if they didn't grow out if it before than. Today... I guess I have to borrow the van when I want to use it. WTH???? Seriously???? The joys of motherhood! 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Confessions of teens mom#1

Small town festivals are not exciting anymore since I don't have little ones. Hated when they were little and having to chase them around and hope the money lasted for the entire almond blossom weekend. Now kids go on their own and really don't want me around and I really don't feel like going and being around a bunch of people. But feeling weird about the entire thing! Never happy, I guess!