Friday, April 11, 2014

Confessions of teens mom #3

Well... We r that age! No, not the terrible twos but the disgusting, horrible, nightmarish 16! Junior year, spring time, and he KNOWS all and WANTS all regardless if he deserves or not. Oh yeah... He is always right! Pfff... Nothing we do is good enough, we are the meanest parents, we are dumb and cheap. I know I will regret saying this BUT.... Is it time for college yet?!?!?!
Prom is around the corner and we have been making him work to earn some money... Wow! That is the end of the world! His friends are getting everything handed to them and they get to drive to prom... Sorry buddy! You belong to your unconsidered and cheap parents! We just spent $400 to rent tux, and we just wanted him to feel like he contributed to paying for something), tickets, flowers, and still waiting to hear the PLAN! And sorry we have a van and you are not legally eligible to drive other people. 
Yes, I am mean, cheap, and obey the law (for the most part)! I am trying to raise a responsible, caring, law abiding citizen here! 
PS: I'm excited to take prom pics with him and his date. It is a big deal to attend prom! (I can only guess... Never went!)

L.O.L. (Lost of Love) 

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