Sunday, June 26, 2011

Brasil 2010 - Slideshow

I hope you can see and enjoy! I'll post all about the trip another day!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where have I been? Here is an update!

Hello Friends and family,

I know I haven't blog for a long time and much has happened since last I stopped by, so I will try to report all that has happened.... hopefully I can remember!!! Here we go!

Student Teaching

Fourth grade was an entire different ball game... my funny jokes that worked with the second graders didn't quiet seem as funny to the"big" guys... but not too worry, I quickly came up with 4th grade "appropriate" jokes and I was set! Kids thought I was a bit demanding but I feel like I achieved the goals set for them. Mrs. Russell sadly had to leave to take care of her mother in Atlanta but I was ready to take over the class solo. Things ran smoothly with testing, parties, and end of the year activities! I finished student teaching 2 weeks before the end of the school year and that pushed me to work very hard and put in a few extra hours to catch up with my library duties,office, talent show, 8th grade graduation and DVD project, 6th grade DVD project, and end of the year slideshow! Wow... looking back... I wonder how I did it!
Here are a few pics of the 2010-2011 school activities!


I can't believe that Brent graduated from 8th grade and moving on to High School. OMG... where has time gone? I remember wishing he would start walking, then talking, and making friends at school. Now... I want him to stop! He did the welcome speech at graduation and did a wonderful job. He is so excited to move on and he will start with football camp, then leadership camp in july and wrestling camp in august.

Graduation/birthday party... lots of fun!


A friend of mine celebrates her birthday all month long, so I decided this year I would do the same! YES... I celebrated all month long and it was a blast! I hung with friends, went to Brazilian restaurant with my peeps, and felt lots of love from everyone! Can't wait 'till next year!


Count down to Brasil started in January and the closer it got, the more excited I got! See next post!