Saturday, February 25, 2012


YIKES!!! Why is it so hard? Was panicking cause I couldn't get a hold of Brent. Off course my mind goes to places where it should never go. Posted on Facebook and txted all his friends and NOTHING. He finally called and tell me his phone died but was where he said he would be but off course I let him have it over the phone. After calming down, I told him sorry I went crazy on him but just got really nervous, especially since the town is full of non-riponites! Scary, scary... well he now called and said it was his fault for not using his friend's phone to check in and he knew I was worried about him and said "Thank you mom for caring so much and keeping tabs on me" Ugh... now he made me cry! They drive me crazy and give me plenty of gray hairs but I Love them so much that I would die if something ever happened to them. As look back... All I have to say is Thank you mom and dad and I am SOOOO VERY SORRY for all the worry and stress I put you through.

If I ever....

Don't ever say never!!!! IF.... and IF.... I ever get a tattoo... this is what will be! Had fun designing it! Would like it on my foot and off course the artist would have to fix it up a bit... what do you think?! LOL!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Facebook can kiss my big round fat ***! What's the point of having an account when you can't share what you really want to say? People are so friendly on the site but if you see them at the store.... They pretend they don't even know you. Well... I always say... if you are not happy about something then do something about it... so I have chosen to take a step back and really just vent and create controversy on my own blog! So mean lady that drives me over the edge... take a hike and never come back!
If you have chosen to follow my blog.... Hello! Thank you! Love you! and GOOD LUCK!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Where has the time gone?

Well.... it has been forever since I have updated my blog. Let's see if I can do a summary of my life...

News years was so much fun... we celebrated in Sacramento with a few friends. Kids had a blast playing video games and making smores. Glen and I had a blast talking and playing apples to apples.
This year I decided not to come up with new years resolutions... I knew I would break it in a few days anyways! HAHA! This year the plan is to have fun and enjoy life! No resolution needs for it!

Brent has been wrestling for the Ripon High Wrestling team and has falling in love with the sport. He has wrestled on and off for the kids program but never bought into it. This year however, he has dedicated every minute to wrestling and has surprised many with a record of 4-3 with both varsity and JV wins all by pins. His season is over for now but will continue to work during freestyle season. Glen is thrilled as he always hoped Brent would love as much as he has. Brent is now getting ready to move to track and hopes to excel just as he did in wrestling.

Tori has played volleyball and basketball for the junior high and has loved every minute of it. She is super excited for softball... her favorite sport! She is growing super fast and has become a great stat girl for the wrestling program! Since we are all going... might as well put her to work!

Glen has worked hard this wrestling season (as every season). This year the team is amazing with great potential to go to state and have a wrestler place. I am super excited and proud of his accomplishments and he was finally recognized by the other coaches and won coach of the year.

I am still working in the library and all the other jobs assigned. There are days I want to quit but know that I just need to push ahead and wait for a position to open up. I am done with my credential classes, pass all the exams, and now working on the last two classes for my master. By the end of April, I will have my credential and masters in teaching... Just wish there was a job for me! I am also the Athletic director this year and wow... it has been an eye opening experience! not hard but making sure every game is scheduled and done correctly! Yikes... trying to find vans for away game the day before is not fun but luckily I have good friends in high places to bail me out!!! (love you Sue!!!).

Well... that is about it for now! Counting down the days for spring break!