Saturday, February 25, 2012


YIKES!!! Why is it so hard? Was panicking cause I couldn't get a hold of Brent. Off course my mind goes to places where it should never go. Posted on Facebook and txted all his friends and NOTHING. He finally called and tell me his phone died but was where he said he would be but off course I let him have it over the phone. After calming down, I told him sorry I went crazy on him but just got really nervous, especially since the town is full of non-riponites! Scary, scary... well he now called and said it was his fault for not using his friend's phone to check in and he knew I was worried about him and said "Thank you mom for caring so much and keeping tabs on me" Ugh... now he made me cry! They drive me crazy and give me plenty of gray hairs but I Love them so much that I would die if something ever happened to them. As look back... All I have to say is Thank you mom and dad and I am SOOOO VERY SORRY for all the worry and stress I put you through.

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