Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Tradition

About four years ago, a couple co-workers and I started a new tradition at work... We decorate our bosses office for the day!
The first year, we wrapped his desk, phone, pictures, stapler, sponge Bob figurines (yes... he has a bunch in there!). We were afraid of what he would do to us... but he took it so well that the following year we decided to do it again. It wasn't as big as the first year but still funny. We took a few of his office items and placed them in jello... hahaha.... too bad it didn't really worked out like on the episode of the office. Well, last year.... we decided that he needed a few lights to brighten his day... and this is what we came up with..
2011 has been a tough year for our school making everyone on the edge, so what's more fitting then having the Grinch as your boss??? LOL! Well.... A snow storm came and brought the Grinch, Santa and his dog, and all the singing toys possible!
Just so you all know... I am not the only one that comes up with these ideas.... actually, most come from Laura Viss!!!! I just help!!!! More pictures to come soon! Hope I can find the first two years!

Another Tradition at school is the wonderful visit from Bill Claus (Santa's brother that works picking up reindeer poop along with his 2 other brothers!!!! ) Kids absolutely love seeing Bill Claus and they always ask the darnest things!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Coach's Wife

I dedicate this post to ALL coaches wife and families out there!

When I met Glen I was told that wrestling was a family sport and that he would become a coach once he was done with college. I didn't think much in the beginning but found out what that meant really quick! His parents, long time coach and wife of a coach, were gone every weekend driving wrestlers all around Washington. Spaghetti nights when wrestlers had a hard time eating healthy and staying on weight, the main conversation at the dinner table was which wrestler did what and how he would improve, etc... Well... I have become the coach's wife and at times I wonder "what the heck I was thinking"! When Tori was just a few months old, I started helping Glen by driving the boys to the tournaments. The kids were little and it was a challenge at times but thankfully to some of the parents, they helped me all day by keeping the kids busy during the tournament. I was washing 10 - 15 wrestling warm ups and singlets twice a week in a little apartment... that was fun... NOT! But as I look back, we have good stories to tell!

So here are a few things I was thinking this past weekend when I was driving the stat girls to a tournament.

You know you are a coach's wife when:

~ when you try to organize your husband's closet, 85% of the shirts and jackets are the school colors (in our case.... Red & White!) with the school mascot!
~ you are up at 4:30 - 5:30am to get ready to drive a van full of boys and girls to a tournament.
~ you must decline all friday nights outing because you need to cook 3-5lbs of noodles and sauce.
~ Saturdays are spent in a gym full of mats, stinky boys, and crazy parents.
~ Wash 30 + wrestling singlets and warm ups before the next match.
~ holidays must be adjusted to fit practice schedule or away tournaments
~ you are known in town as "coach's wife"
~ your house become the gathering place to watch UFC or PS3/Wii games with teenagers
~ your jacket says "team mom"
~ wrestlers become part of the family and when all grown up, they invite you to their wedding, birthdays, baby showers, and birth.

Some of the points made no longer apply to me but still wanted to mention!
Glen is his 13th year of coaching wrestling at Ripon High School and this year Brent started wrestling for him as a JV freshman. I haven't driven the team in about 9 years and this past weekend was back at it! It is different now that Brent is a member of the team and Tori has now become one of the stat girls (even though she is not officially in high school!). Looking forward to the next 4 years of Brent's wrestling career and hoping I won't have to address the coach if he is not giving Brent the attention needed or the right opportunities to grown!!! :)

I am now the coach's wife, the wrestler's mom, and the crazy mom on the stand!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Sundays of Truth

Day 5 - My Ripon Family continues...
Elizabeth Soto

Ok... Elizabeth is not from Ripon But she is my sister, my best friend, and my confidant. Elizabeth and I met at MJC in psych class. We met up again in Biology class and from that class on we took pretty much the same classes together. We graduated from STAN State together. We met each others families and we have been inseparable! I am now her daughter's Fabiana godmother. I LOVE the Soto family. What I love most about Elizabeth is her honesty. She says what's on her mind and heart and with flavor!!! She has my back and I absolutely have hers!
Love you dear friend!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Favorite TV Shows

I love TV and have loved my entire life! DVR is the greatest invention EVER and I can now tape and watch ALL the shows I love! So here is a break down of my new favorite TV shows and some I just can't stop watching... I am sad to say that I have many more but won't share at this time! Maybe in the near future!

Ok... If you not taking the time to watch this show... WHAT'S wrong with you??? You must catch up on this show!!! It is hilarious! LOVE IT!!!

Once upon a time is a very cool new show on ABC. Saw the first show and am hooked! Give it a try! Family show and so far... haven't had to tell my daughter to close her eyes and ears!

SOOO funny!!!! OK.... Frankie... I am a lot like her! Scary! HAHAHA!!!

I don't think I have to say much... It's modern family!!! If you have not seen it... YOU MUST STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND WATCH!!! LOVE IT!

Another new show on NBC. I thought it would be scary... it is! at least for me, but I can handle this one (so far!) Give it a try! Can't wait for the next episode!!!

Private Practice is a spin off from Greys Anatomy and the NUMBER ONE reason I started watching and keep watching this show is because of this gorgeous man!!!!
TAYE DIGGS.... Well, it is a great show and I even cry at times!!!!

Love show that show powerful woman!

Learning a lot from this show. Heard that one of the teachers show at the high school and after watching, I was hooked. I cry and feel for those that struggle with horrible addiction.

Yes.... If you need inspiration to get off the couch...
Watch The biggest loser!!!! Sad that Jillian is no longer training for the show but love the twist this year.

After ER was over... I needed a new medical show and Grey's has delivered what I was looking for! LOVE THIS SHOW!

So If I was a Citizen I would apply to be on this show! I love watching the people go around the world, specially when they stop by Brazil. One Day!!!! The only reason I would apply for citizenship!!! hihihi!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

30 Sundays of Truth

Day 4 - Genasci Family - Mindy, Kevin, Claire, and Sam

We met Mindy when she was a "single" gal. Her first year of teaching was in 6th grade with Glen... Poor Mindy! Glen and Mindy are the brother and sister that Ripon El was waiting for! What a pair... Great teachers, great sense of humor, and even getting in trouble together!!! Soon after, Mindy married Kevin! He is funny and his laugh makes everyone laugh! We love hanging out with them. As the years passed, Mindy moved to second grade, had baby Claire and soon after baby Sam. We love them dearly! My sister that is always willing to keep us smiling and showing love to my kids. We love you Genasci Family! Can't wait see your kids grow up!!! I am still waiting for a visit from miss Claire!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

30 Sundays of Truth

Day 3 - My Ripon Family continues....

Clair & Bill Russell

As you can see... We have A LOT of fun together!!!

I met Clair when I started working at Ripon Elementary as her reader's workshop aide. We had a blast with the kids and causing trouble around campus! Clair was a there for me when my darling son was getting in trouble at school and the principal and I didn't see eye to eye on how things should be handled!!! Clair was also the shoulder I cried on when my father got sick and past away. She went above and beyond to help me. Auntie Clair and Uncle Bill are a big part in Brent and Tori's lives... They are always there to help and support my kids. We love Summer pool days at the Russell's house, and the annual Halloween pumpkin carving day, and anytime we get together!!!! I love Clair and how she is not afraid to speak her mind! Uncle Bill likes to pick on me but it's ok cause I love him! Will, their son, is away pursing a career in the United States Air Force learning chinese. I speak chinese but for some strange reason Clair says I don't!!! Mwahahahaha!!!! (inside joke!)
Thank you Clair and Bill for being so good to me and my family. I love you guys!!! Clair... Life would not be the same without you!

30 Sundays of Truth

I am 2 Sundays behind... so I am doing it now!

Day 2 - My Ripon Family continues.... The DaBranca Family!

Manuel, Sue, Manny, Nicole, Brittany, Roman, & New baby on the way!

Manny was in Glen's first 6th grade class at Ripon Elementary School. When Manny was in 8th grade he played volleyball for me. He also babysat my kids!!! Wow... seems like yesterday! Anyways, Sue and I became friends. After a few years of Manny wrestling and Nicole in Glen's class and babysitting my kids, The DaBrancas adopted us as part of their family. We were always invited to the many different celebrations, activities, and fun family night outs. I LOVE this family and treat them as my own! They have been there for us through many different challenges and has supported us all the way. When I need advice or a shoulder to cry (more like complain!) Sue is the person that will listen and guide me to do the right thing!
Manuel... What can I say.... We are very much alike! And I am always on his side.... and he is always on my side (at least I hope!)
Manny and Brittany are a cute couple... busy with family, work, and waiting on the arrival of the second baby.
Little Roman is in Kindergarten this year and he makes my day everyday!!! He blows me kisses, gives me big hugs, and teaches me the difference between breakfast and lunch foods!!! Can wait for the new baby to arrive!
Nicole is my BFF that used to hang out with me when I needed company! Movies and brownies were the favorite thing!!! She is all grown up and at college away from here... I MISS YOU NICOLE! Friday nights not the same without you!

Well.... that's My DaBranca Family!!! Love each and everyone of you!

OK... can't go without saying that I have become good friends with Manuel's family... Lupe, Big Manuel, Grandma, Lisa, Joe, Gina, Dustin, and kiddos!!!! You Guys always make us feel welcome and show us love at every event!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

30 Sundays of Truth

Natalia... I am copying you!
My niece shares something every Sunday, so I decided to do the same!

Day 1 - My "Ripon" family

Robert, Cynthia, Delaney, and Kennedy Wyrsch

Cynthia is my co-worker, friend, and sister. She is kind, protective and the number 1 mom! I love her sense of fashion and how she can go toe-to-toe with Glen!
Robert, what can I say? He makes my friend happy and he is everyones' super hero! We were all blessed when he came into the picture!
Delaney, sweet child with lots of kindness in her heart. She loves to dance and make everyone happy. Tori and Laney met at daycare and then started kindergarten together. They have been great friends ever since and still going strong. They had their first junior high dance and it was so much fun listening to them share all about the it.
Kennedy is 3 but acts like 12! She is my mini me! hahaha!!! I LOVE this little girl! I was there the day she was born, every birthday, and she has spent the night a few times. She is a big girl now and she spends the night without asking for mommy and daddy! I love when she comes over!

Back in 1999 Cynthia helped Ripon EL staff put on a baby shower for Glen and I. After a few years, we became good friends. Our girls (and Brent!) started hanging out more and more, sleepovers started to happen and family outings was a lot of fun.
In 2007, Cynthia married Robert and soon after Kennedy came to complete the family. We now have our yearly family trip during spring break to Pismo, CA.

We love the Wyrsch family and so happy to be able call them family!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brazilian Independence Day Party

Glen, Tori and I went to San Francisco to celebrate independence day with the Brazilian community. After parking .5 mile away and finding the location, we enjoyed the music, loud people, and the food. Small venue and very hot but we had a blast! Sooo worth the drive over.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing when the horrible news of the attacks happened? I do... and I will never forget.
September 11, 2011 @ 7:30am I was driving with both kids to Midas to get oil changed and tires rotated. Brent was 4 years old and tori was almost two years old. While waiting for the car to get worked on, the manager was glued to the TV and I turned around to see the horror on live TV. I couldn't understand at first and so I asked the manager what happened, he didn't know either. We sat glued to the TV and as the news kept showing
the images, and explaining what was happening, the other two ladies, the manager, one other worker , and I started to cry. Brent stopped playing and ask "whats wrong mommy?" and then he saw the TV "FIRE" he screamed. OMG.... I was in shocked and trying to think quickly how to explain what was going on to my little kids. My car took longer than expect to get fixed but I didn't mind because I didn't want to leave and miss any part of the news. As we sat in the small room, total strangers became the support for each other in trying to make sense of what was going on. I will never forget that day and send my heartfelt sorrow and love to those that
lost their lives that day, to those that worked hard in trying to save so many people and losing their lives doing so, and for those families and friends that lost their loved ones. May God send peace today and everyday.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brazilian Independence Day!!!

So many friends asked me today... "What are you doing to celebrate Brasilian Independence Day?" Well.... since I was up at 5am and ran around all day... my answer is nothing ;( BUT.... this is the plan for the family for Sunday! I am sooo excited! Text Me if you want to go with or meet me there!



Sunday, September 11 at Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park

9th Ave @ Lincoln Way

From 12 noon to 7 pm
A full day of Brazilian music and dance with the best of Bay Area Brazilian entertainers, including exciting and unique capoeira. Performing will be Brazilian bands playing Samba, Forro, Country Music, Axe and Carnaval. Special guest Pedro Paulo Band, releasing their first CD of Brazilian Country Music, plus Forrofiando, Amigos do Samba, Grupo Remelexo, Mandinga Capoeira, Aquarela Dancers and DJ Ellen.
Children will have activities such as, face-painting, games and kids capoeira. Young and old will delight in a variety of typical Brazilian food, arts and crafts, fashions, and much more.
Folks often say, "no nationality in the world knows how to party like the Brazilians!" So join us, bring your friends, family and be part of this festive Brazilian Independence Day Celebration!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Ok... if you have recently had a baby or has received the mother award this year and for the past few years.... DO NOT READ THIS POST!

Being a mother has its ups and downs... Good times and not so good times... proud times and "what the heck were you thinking" times. Lately.... It's been "if I new then what I know now, I would not have had kids"! Crazy right?! Well.... life is tough right now with a teenager and a pre-teen. There are days I wonder if I will make it or if I should just lay down and say forget it. UGH.... if you have small kids.... enjoy them now!!!! I will enjoy mine once they grow out of this horrible stage!

Friday, August 19, 2011


I LOVE this movie!!!! We watched it again tonight.... it makes me a bit homesick but can't complain too much cause I was just there!!! It was fun to show the kids all the tourist spots and talk about where and what we did while visiting. They can't wait to go.... and.... the plan is to go 2014 for the world cup and 2016 for the olympics. Till then... will keep watching this movie! If you haven't seen it.... GO RENT OR BUY TODAY!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to Reality!

What a busy summer we had and now life is back to reality. What is my reality? Let me tell you!

Brent -

The big freshman in the house! I cannot believe that he is started high school... where did time go? Well... He was busy this summer attending ASB leadership camp and right after that he went to RHS wrestling camp in Bakersfield. He had a blast and learned a lot from both camps and got him super excited about the new adventures he was getting ready to start. He is LOVING school and for the most part his teachers. He loves leadership class, I however, have my doubts on the teacher and her abilities on teaching the class! He is so excited that he shares about everything that happened in school. I am loving it because he has never ever shared anything that happened in school before even though I used to nag (yes... I nag!) him to share. He is now playing football and enjoying it. Coaches seem happy with him and he is trying hard. He has also started seminary at 6:00 am (WHAT ARE THEY THINKING???). Getting up early has been a challenge for me and somedays for him, but will see what happens with time!

Victoria -

Junior high school... really? Well, school is going great and so far her teacher seems ok! hahaha!!!! I love her teacher... he is amazing! Ok, ok... It's Glen... I have to be nice and say good things! jk! She loves her class and classmates. She is excited to start volleyball and her coach is just the best (that would be me!!!). Other than school and volleyball... Tori will not stop talking about running for activities director... she has the entire year planned even though she has not applied, ran for office, or won the position! Hope she wins!!!

Trevor -

Third and final year of having a high school leaving with us. It has been crazy and opened my eyes for my future.... not sure if I like it. Trevor is a senior. He plays football and wrestles, he tries to stay in my good side by trying to do chores without me asking but still much to learn!

Chance -

Well... my brother-in-law has moved back in with us and this time he brought Koda with him. We love the dog when he is not scratching my windows! I love taking him on runs/walks with him even though he gets crazy when he sees crickets, other dogs, and kids. Chance works opposite hours than us, so we really don't get to see him much. I love him!!!! He cleans up the down stairs for me so I don't come to a messy house!!! It has been great to have him around!

Glen -

Well, after 12 years teaching 6th grade, Glen has moved up to teach 7th grade this year. He likes the class (for the most part... same as last year!) He is trying to figure out the new materials but he is such a good teacher that it will be a piece of cake! While taking on a new grade, extra crap the government/DO is making our teachers do with less time and money... he is the student council director, football coach, wrestling coach, and 7th grade softball coach. So to sum up... no life! but he enjoys what he does.

Aline -

Well.... I am going crazy... literally! Like many moms out there, my life is very busy and chaotic... My days start at 5:30... take Brent to seminary, come back, take Glen (tuesdays & Thursdays) to morning workouts at the high school, go pick up Brent at 6:50. Home, get ready, must be off to school/work @7:15 and work until 4:00 (most days till 5:00). Starting next week... I am coaching volleyball after school, which means later work days after practice/games. Pick everyone up from different places and home to start cooking dinner, eat, and pray that I can get to bed in a decent time. Yikes... It sounds really bad on paper... oh wait... in real life also! Well.... I am happy to say that with my hard work along with good teachers and parents at school, our new computer lab is up and running! Beautiful state of the art lab for the students... too bad my son missed out on it. This year I have added athletic director, and girls basketball to my crazy schedule. I really need to learn to say NO! but it's for the kids so I just can't leave them hanging.

So to sum up my crazy life lately.... Long days, little sleep, cranky momma & daddy, house full of people to nag and when I am lucky.... I get to do zumba or run!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Brasil 2010 - Slideshow

I hope you can see and enjoy! I'll post all about the trip another day!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where have I been? Here is an update!

Hello Friends and family,

I know I haven't blog for a long time and much has happened since last I stopped by, so I will try to report all that has happened.... hopefully I can remember!!! Here we go!

Student Teaching

Fourth grade was an entire different ball game... my funny jokes that worked with the second graders didn't quiet seem as funny to the"big" guys... but not too worry, I quickly came up with 4th grade "appropriate" jokes and I was set! Kids thought I was a bit demanding but I feel like I achieved the goals set for them. Mrs. Russell sadly had to leave to take care of her mother in Atlanta but I was ready to take over the class solo. Things ran smoothly with testing, parties, and end of the year activities! I finished student teaching 2 weeks before the end of the school year and that pushed me to work very hard and put in a few extra hours to catch up with my library duties,office, talent show, 8th grade graduation and DVD project, 6th grade DVD project, and end of the year slideshow! Wow... looking back... I wonder how I did it!
Here are a few pics of the 2010-2011 school activities!


I can't believe that Brent graduated from 8th grade and moving on to High School. OMG... where has time gone? I remember wishing he would start walking, then talking, and making friends at school. Now... I want him to stop! He did the welcome speech at graduation and did a wonderful job. He is so excited to move on and he will start with football camp, then leadership camp in july and wrestling camp in august.

Graduation/birthday party... lots of fun!


A friend of mine celebrates her birthday all month long, so I decided this year I would do the same! YES... I celebrated all month long and it was a blast! I hung with friends, went to Brazilian restaurant with my peeps, and felt lots of love from everyone! Can't wait 'till next year!


Count down to Brasil started in January and the closer it got, the more excited I got! See next post!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break!

I couldn't wait till Spring Break... We are NOW here!!! This is our 4th annual trip to Kon Tiki Inn, Pismo, CA and the 3rd with the Wyrsch family. We love coming here, hanging out and resting! Here is a little update of the fun we are having so far!

Pismo & Avila beach

We arrived Monday afternoon and didn't waste much time! We went to Splash Cafe for lunch and a nice walk at the pier.

It was a bit cold, but didn't stop the kids from swimming and the grown ups to enjoy the hot tub! After a great relaxing afternoon, we went shopping at the outlets! Yes... everyone got something! If that wasn't enough.... the next morning, we hit the outlets again!!! and EVERYONE got something!!!! After a nice morning of shopping.... the weather was perfect to hit the beach. Off we went to Avila! OMG.... can you say relaxing??? YES!!!! Everyone had a great time!

After a great day soaking the sun, we went to Klondike Pizza restaurant... ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA!!! Yummy! We had to wait a little but well worth it! If that wasn't enough... we went across the street to the local Ice cream shoppe and guess what???? ALL YOU CAN EAT ICE CREAM!!!! Yummy!!!! Yikes.... can we say LOAD OF CALORIES???

The kids and adults had a great time. Is the day over yet? NOPE!!! We came back and off to the hot tub! Now, kids are getting ready for bed and Glen and I will be taking a walk at the beach. LOVE IT!!!! I am feeling refreshed already and I still have a day and half left!!!

To be continued!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


If you are a teacher or currently in the credential program in California you know all the hoops you have to jump to become a teacher. I think it is funny that they have all these tests so you can prove to be a "good" teacher but if you think about... can you really measure how well a person can present the information, can connect with the students, and can provide a positive learning environment by written test? I don't think you can... but.... I still have to jump through hoops to get my credential. Well... today I took the RICA test... here is my experience!
$130.00 to register and date set. The email said to check in at 1:15 and if you show up later, you may be sent away. So I made sure I arrived 5 minutes before the time and guess what???? They were not even ready. So... at 2 o'clock they started reading the 15 minutes long instructions.... Do you know how many times they tell you that you are not allow to have a cell phone on premises? I counted.... 23 times. I got it the first time you told me, no need to repeat! After the long explanations of what you can do and can't do... and all the people freaking out and making stupid comments like... "This test is so hard... This is my 4th time taking it" Thanks.... that is all I wanted to hear! It was finally time to start. OMG.... 70 multiple choice and 4 short answers and 1 long case study and you must complete it all in 4 hrs.
This is my second time taking this test... the first time, was short by 4 points... CAN YOU BELIEVE??? OMG! Anyways.... this time around.... the lady in front of me was sick and the entire time I heard her sniffing... PLEASE JUST BLOW YOUR NOSE AND BE DONE WITH IT!!! and the guy to my left kept talking... HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CONCENTRATE????
I used up all my time and now... praying that I passed cause I don't think I can go through it again!
How do you relieve ALL the stress of taking the RICA???? Get dinner at Chipotle and go shopping!!!! Jeans, shirt, and accessories makes everything better!!! OH wait... I almost forgot the best part.... ICE CREAM!!!!!! YUM!
WHAT A JOURNEY???? Can't wait to be done!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


A lot has happened since last time I wrote, so let's see if I can remember everything...

Second grade was wonderful. Learned a lot and had a great time with the kids. My last day was very sad and very happy! The kids and my teacher planned a surprised farewell party for me (not surprised cause I ruined it! but the kids didn't know I knew and I played the part!!!). They gave me lots of advice for fourth grade and I am trying to tell the fourth grades all their advices!!! lol!

Started fourth grade and can see many differences between the two grades. I miss my little guys but am excited to start this next part of my journey. My new master teacher is another good friend and I am having fun with her during class!!! I am also learning a lot from her. I have taken math and language arts, next will be social studies. I am moving fast in this class because testing will be here in no time and I must complete my two solo weeks before than. The kids r funny and they have tons to share... I just need to know when to let them share and stop but I am getting the hang of it.

After the third round of antibiotics and lots of different cold medicine I am feeling better. Let's pray that I will not get sick again!

Zumba is my new thing!!!! LOVE TO ZUMBA! Ripon El hosted a 2hrs zumbathon and we had a great time and raised a little over $2000 for the computer lab! Can't wait till the next one!

My niece is having a little girl in august and my nephew is expecting their third girl in April. Can"t believe I am a great-aunt... ugh... I am getting old.

I was supposed to run the Modesto half marathon but unfortunately my leg and ankle not 100% and I knew I would not make it the entire way. So my friend Laura took my spot and I went to support her and Mrs. Larson. Great adventure... and the "after party" was fun!!! Lots of laugh!

I am now counting down the days until spring break! OMG... I need sun and the ocean!!! This late winter is killing me and I am turning white by the second! hihihi!

Ok.... Its late and I need to get things ready for another exciting school week! Field trip and observation in the same week will take all out of me!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Ok, so when I started this blog, I told you I could keep it as honest as possible..... I need to vent!!!

This is my fourth week of student teaching and I am still loving it. Students are being good but I can tell that the so call "honey moon" stage is coming to an end! Three observations down and who knows how many more to go. I am getting excellent feedback with just a few recommendations, but would rather have none since I am close to perfect!!!! Ok, I am pushing it! But I have to say I am pleased and having a blast. My good friend and master teacher keeps me motivated and on my toes.

Here is where it gets tricky... I leave at 7:40 in the morning, student teach until 2, work in the classroom until about 3:15 or so, then off to my job until 5:30 or so. Lately, due to the increase amount of paperwork for both school, library, and the office, I don't get out of work until 7:30 or so. I know, I know... so many people are pulling long hours but this is taking a toll on me. I am getting sick, my house is looking more and more like one of the homes in "clean house" show and I have no patience for one more request. UGH! To make things a little more interesting.... Today my sub was out sick, so I spent little to no time in the classroom and my to do list just triple! After a long day at work, I had the "pleasure" of chaperoning the 7th & 8th grade valentine dance. OMG.... Brent was slow dancing... I didn't mind, but now... I think it's starting to bug me.... I need him to stay little! I also had fun dancing!!! YES, I DANCED! Might as well have some fun! However.... towards the end I could feel my throat and chest getting dry and tight. 9:00 pm and I just sat down and was hoping to go to bed, unfortunately I must go pick up my darling boy at the high school basketball game and wait for my princess to get home from the movies. Oh how I love ALL the activities we are in!

Ok.... I think I have complained enough and you are up to date! Starting my solo week on Monday!!! OH NO.... Valentine's Day!!!! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Student Teaching

OMG.... I am finally here!!! For the past, lost count of how long, I have been going to school to get my teaching credential and masters degree. I have finally arrived at the end of my course and now am a full time student teacher in a second grade class. Luckily for me, I am still at the same school I have been working as a librarian so I know the staff and the kids really well. This is only my third day but I am LOVING IT! I have the best master teacher!!! She is kind of crazy for taking me in AND for letting me take on science during the first week of student teaching!!! HAHAHA!!! First day... not a big deal, second day.... ugh... my lesson didn't go as I planned, but I can say that today was pretty good and the kids really liked the experiment and lesson on the smart board.... love having one of those in the classroom. I will continue in second grade until beginning of March and then, I will move to fourth grade with another great master teacher! I AM SO LUCKY! Thank you friends for letting me finish my credential with you guys! So balancing student teaching, night classes, homework, preparing for the next day, work (I still work 2 hours a day in the library so I can keep my job for next year in case there are no openings around here), kids, husband, cleaning, laundry, sports, different organizations that I said I would help out, and.... Sleep I am exhausted and really looking towards the day life will get back to somewhat of a routine where everyone will be able to talk to me again and me not snapping back at them! I am going to take this time to enjoy and learn as much as possible. I really love what I am doing now and can't wait to be in my own classroom full time. That's all for now... I am sure I will have plenty of funny stories to tell!


Glen and Bill Clause at school.

Annual gift exchange. HAD A GREAT TIME! The babies are now toddles and second set of babies already part of the craziness! Another appearance by uncle Bill. Some kids LOVED him (Kennedy would not move and just smiled for the pictures) some... NOT SO MUCH! We had a great time and tons of food & laugh. Can't wait till next year!

Christmas was great. We had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa White and uncle Chance. Lots of food, laugh, and gifts! Thanks everyone for a great time.
After Christmas, everyone went to Washington for a wrestling tournament... well, except for me! Yes, I was home alone for 4 wonderful and quiet days!

Goodbye 2010... Hello 2011! Our good friends came over to help bring in the New Year. Games, Food, Chocolate fountain, and good company was a perfect way to end the year and to start the new one! 2011 is promising to be a great one!

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