Sunday, October 9, 2011

30 Sundays of Truth

Natalia... I am copying you!
My niece shares something every Sunday, so I decided to do the same!

Day 1 - My "Ripon" family

Robert, Cynthia, Delaney, and Kennedy Wyrsch

Cynthia is my co-worker, friend, and sister. She is kind, protective and the number 1 mom! I love her sense of fashion and how she can go toe-to-toe with Glen!
Robert, what can I say? He makes my friend happy and he is everyones' super hero! We were all blessed when he came into the picture!
Delaney, sweet child with lots of kindness in her heart. She loves to dance and make everyone happy. Tori and Laney met at daycare and then started kindergarten together. They have been great friends ever since and still going strong. They had their first junior high dance and it was so much fun listening to them share all about the it.
Kennedy is 3 but acts like 12! She is my mini me! hahaha!!! I LOVE this little girl! I was there the day she was born, every birthday, and she has spent the night a few times. She is a big girl now and she spends the night without asking for mommy and daddy! I love when she comes over!

Back in 1999 Cynthia helped Ripon EL staff put on a baby shower for Glen and I. After a few years, we became good friends. Our girls (and Brent!) started hanging out more and more, sleepovers started to happen and family outings was a lot of fun.
In 2007, Cynthia married Robert and soon after Kennedy came to complete the family. We now have our yearly family trip during spring break to Pismo, CA.

We love the Wyrsch family and so happy to be able call them family!

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