Sunday, March 20, 2011


A lot has happened since last time I wrote, so let's see if I can remember everything...

Second grade was wonderful. Learned a lot and had a great time with the kids. My last day was very sad and very happy! The kids and my teacher planned a surprised farewell party for me (not surprised cause I ruined it! but the kids didn't know I knew and I played the part!!!). They gave me lots of advice for fourth grade and I am trying to tell the fourth grades all their advices!!! lol!

Started fourth grade and can see many differences between the two grades. I miss my little guys but am excited to start this next part of my journey. My new master teacher is another good friend and I am having fun with her during class!!! I am also learning a lot from her. I have taken math and language arts, next will be social studies. I am moving fast in this class because testing will be here in no time and I must complete my two solo weeks before than. The kids r funny and they have tons to share... I just need to know when to let them share and stop but I am getting the hang of it.

After the third round of antibiotics and lots of different cold medicine I am feeling better. Let's pray that I will not get sick again!

Zumba is my new thing!!!! LOVE TO ZUMBA! Ripon El hosted a 2hrs zumbathon and we had a great time and raised a little over $2000 for the computer lab! Can't wait till the next one!

My niece is having a little girl in august and my nephew is expecting their third girl in April. Can"t believe I am a great-aunt... ugh... I am getting old.

I was supposed to run the Modesto half marathon but unfortunately my leg and ankle not 100% and I knew I would not make it the entire way. So my friend Laura took my spot and I went to support her and Mrs. Larson. Great adventure... and the "after party" was fun!!! Lots of laugh!

I am now counting down the days until spring break! OMG... I need sun and the ocean!!! This late winter is killing me and I am turning white by the second! hihihi!

Ok.... Its late and I need to get things ready for another exciting school week! Field trip and observation in the same week will take all out of me!