Sunday, October 30, 2011

30 Sundays of Truth

Day 4 - Genasci Family - Mindy, Kevin, Claire, and Sam

We met Mindy when she was a "single" gal. Her first year of teaching was in 6th grade with Glen... Poor Mindy! Glen and Mindy are the brother and sister that Ripon El was waiting for! What a pair... Great teachers, great sense of humor, and even getting in trouble together!!! Soon after, Mindy married Kevin! He is funny and his laugh makes everyone laugh! We love hanging out with them. As the years passed, Mindy moved to second grade, had baby Claire and soon after baby Sam. We love them dearly! My sister that is always willing to keep us smiling and showing love to my kids. We love you Genasci Family! Can't wait see your kids grow up!!! I am still waiting for a visit from miss Claire!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

30 Sundays of Truth

Day 3 - My Ripon Family continues....

Clair & Bill Russell

As you can see... We have A LOT of fun together!!!

I met Clair when I started working at Ripon Elementary as her reader's workshop aide. We had a blast with the kids and causing trouble around campus! Clair was a there for me when my darling son was getting in trouble at school and the principal and I didn't see eye to eye on how things should be handled!!! Clair was also the shoulder I cried on when my father got sick and past away. She went above and beyond to help me. Auntie Clair and Uncle Bill are a big part in Brent and Tori's lives... They are always there to help and support my kids. We love Summer pool days at the Russell's house, and the annual Halloween pumpkin carving day, and anytime we get together!!!! I love Clair and how she is not afraid to speak her mind! Uncle Bill likes to pick on me but it's ok cause I love him! Will, their son, is away pursing a career in the United States Air Force learning chinese. I speak chinese but for some strange reason Clair says I don't!!! Mwahahahaha!!!! (inside joke!)
Thank you Clair and Bill for being so good to me and my family. I love you guys!!! Clair... Life would not be the same without you!

30 Sundays of Truth

I am 2 Sundays behind... so I am doing it now!

Day 2 - My Ripon Family continues.... The DaBranca Family!

Manuel, Sue, Manny, Nicole, Brittany, Roman, & New baby on the way!

Manny was in Glen's first 6th grade class at Ripon Elementary School. When Manny was in 8th grade he played volleyball for me. He also babysat my kids!!! Wow... seems like yesterday! Anyways, Sue and I became friends. After a few years of Manny wrestling and Nicole in Glen's class and babysitting my kids, The DaBrancas adopted us as part of their family. We were always invited to the many different celebrations, activities, and fun family night outs. I LOVE this family and treat them as my own! They have been there for us through many different challenges and has supported us all the way. When I need advice or a shoulder to cry (more like complain!) Sue is the person that will listen and guide me to do the right thing!
Manuel... What can I say.... We are very much alike! And I am always on his side.... and he is always on my side (at least I hope!)
Manny and Brittany are a cute couple... busy with family, work, and waiting on the arrival of the second baby.
Little Roman is in Kindergarten this year and he makes my day everyday!!! He blows me kisses, gives me big hugs, and teaches me the difference between breakfast and lunch foods!!! Can wait for the new baby to arrive!
Nicole is my BFF that used to hang out with me when I needed company! Movies and brownies were the favorite thing!!! She is all grown up and at college away from here... I MISS YOU NICOLE! Friday nights not the same without you!

Well.... that's My DaBranca Family!!! Love each and everyone of you!

OK... can't go without saying that I have become good friends with Manuel's family... Lupe, Big Manuel, Grandma, Lisa, Joe, Gina, Dustin, and kiddos!!!! You Guys always make us feel welcome and show us love at every event!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

30 Sundays of Truth

Natalia... I am copying you!
My niece shares something every Sunday, so I decided to do the same!

Day 1 - My "Ripon" family

Robert, Cynthia, Delaney, and Kennedy Wyrsch

Cynthia is my co-worker, friend, and sister. She is kind, protective and the number 1 mom! I love her sense of fashion and how she can go toe-to-toe with Glen!
Robert, what can I say? He makes my friend happy and he is everyones' super hero! We were all blessed when he came into the picture!
Delaney, sweet child with lots of kindness in her heart. She loves to dance and make everyone happy. Tori and Laney met at daycare and then started kindergarten together. They have been great friends ever since and still going strong. They had their first junior high dance and it was so much fun listening to them share all about the it.
Kennedy is 3 but acts like 12! She is my mini me! hahaha!!! I LOVE this little girl! I was there the day she was born, every birthday, and she has spent the night a few times. She is a big girl now and she spends the night without asking for mommy and daddy! I love when she comes over!

Back in 1999 Cynthia helped Ripon EL staff put on a baby shower for Glen and I. After a few years, we became good friends. Our girls (and Brent!) started hanging out more and more, sleepovers started to happen and family outings was a lot of fun.
In 2007, Cynthia married Robert and soon after Kennedy came to complete the family. We now have our yearly family trip during spring break to Pismo, CA.

We love the Wyrsch family and so happy to be able call them family!