Sunday, October 30, 2011

30 Sundays of Truth

Day 4 - Genasci Family - Mindy, Kevin, Claire, and Sam

We met Mindy when she was a "single" gal. Her first year of teaching was in 6th grade with Glen... Poor Mindy! Glen and Mindy are the brother and sister that Ripon El was waiting for! What a pair... Great teachers, great sense of humor, and even getting in trouble together!!! Soon after, Mindy married Kevin! He is funny and his laugh makes everyone laugh! We love hanging out with them. As the years passed, Mindy moved to second grade, had baby Claire and soon after baby Sam. We love them dearly! My sister that is always willing to keep us smiling and showing love to my kids. We love you Genasci Family! Can't wait see your kids grow up!!! I am still waiting for a visit from miss Claire!!!!

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