Saturday, November 5, 2011

Favorite TV Shows

I love TV and have loved my entire life! DVR is the greatest invention EVER and I can now tape and watch ALL the shows I love! So here is a break down of my new favorite TV shows and some I just can't stop watching... I am sad to say that I have many more but won't share at this time! Maybe in the near future!

Ok... If you not taking the time to watch this show... WHAT'S wrong with you??? You must catch up on this show!!! It is hilarious! LOVE IT!!!

Once upon a time is a very cool new show on ABC. Saw the first show and am hooked! Give it a try! Family show and so far... haven't had to tell my daughter to close her eyes and ears!

SOOO funny!!!! OK.... Frankie... I am a lot like her! Scary! HAHAHA!!!

I don't think I have to say much... It's modern family!!! If you have not seen it... YOU MUST STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND WATCH!!! LOVE IT!

Another new show on NBC. I thought it would be scary... it is! at least for me, but I can handle this one (so far!) Give it a try! Can't wait for the next episode!!!

Private Practice is a spin off from Greys Anatomy and the NUMBER ONE reason I started watching and keep watching this show is because of this gorgeous man!!!!
TAYE DIGGS.... Well, it is a great show and I even cry at times!!!!

Love show that show powerful woman!

Learning a lot from this show. Heard that one of the teachers show at the high school and after watching, I was hooked. I cry and feel for those that struggle with horrible addiction.

Yes.... If you need inspiration to get off the couch...
Watch The biggest loser!!!! Sad that Jillian is no longer training for the show but love the twist this year.

After ER was over... I needed a new medical show and Grey's has delivered what I was looking for! LOVE THIS SHOW!

So If I was a Citizen I would apply to be on this show! I love watching the people go around the world, specially when they stop by Brazil. One Day!!!! The only reason I would apply for citizenship!!! hihihi!

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  1. I'm with you on Up All Night, Modern Family, and The Middle. Biggest Loser is one I've just recently gotten into so now I've gone back and started watching it from season 1 on Netflix... very, very different.