Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break!

I couldn't wait till Spring Break... We are NOW here!!! This is our 4th annual trip to Kon Tiki Inn, Pismo, CA and the 3rd with the Wyrsch family. We love coming here, hanging out and resting! Here is a little update of the fun we are having so far!

Pismo & Avila beach

We arrived Monday afternoon and didn't waste much time! We went to Splash Cafe for lunch and a nice walk at the pier.

It was a bit cold, but didn't stop the kids from swimming and the grown ups to enjoy the hot tub! After a great relaxing afternoon, we went shopping at the outlets! Yes... everyone got something! If that wasn't enough.... the next morning, we hit the outlets again!!! and EVERYONE got something!!!! After a nice morning of shopping.... the weather was perfect to hit the beach. Off we went to Avila! OMG.... can you say relaxing??? YES!!!! Everyone had a great time!

After a great day soaking the sun, we went to Klondike Pizza restaurant... ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA!!! Yummy! We had to wait a little but well worth it! If that wasn't enough... we went across the street to the local Ice cream shoppe and guess what???? ALL YOU CAN EAT ICE CREAM!!!! Yummy!!!! Yikes.... can we say LOAD OF CALORIES???

The kids and adults had a great time. Is the day over yet? NOPE!!! We came back and off to the hot tub! Now, kids are getting ready for bed and Glen and I will be taking a walk at the beach. LOVE IT!!!! I am feeling refreshed already and I still have a day and half left!!!

To be continued!

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