Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Tradition

About four years ago, a couple co-workers and I started a new tradition at work... We decorate our bosses office for the day!
The first year, we wrapped his desk, phone, pictures, stapler, sponge Bob figurines (yes... he has a bunch in there!). We were afraid of what he would do to us... but he took it so well that the following year we decided to do it again. It wasn't as big as the first year but still funny. We took a few of his office items and placed them in jello... hahaha.... too bad it didn't really worked out like on the episode of the office. Well, last year.... we decided that he needed a few lights to brighten his day... and this is what we came up with..
2011 has been a tough year for our school making everyone on the edge, so what's more fitting then having the Grinch as your boss??? LOL! Well.... A snow storm came and brought the Grinch, Santa and his dog, and all the singing toys possible!
Just so you all know... I am not the only one that comes up with these ideas.... actually, most come from Laura Viss!!!! I just help!!!! More pictures to come soon! Hope I can find the first two years!

Another Tradition at school is the wonderful visit from Bill Claus (Santa's brother that works picking up reindeer poop along with his 2 other brothers!!!! ) Kids absolutely love seeing Bill Claus and they always ask the darnest things!

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