Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Student Teaching

OMG.... I am finally here!!! For the past, lost count of how long, I have been going to school to get my teaching credential and masters degree. I have finally arrived at the end of my course and now am a full time student teacher in a second grade class. Luckily for me, I am still at the same school I have been working as a librarian so I know the staff and the kids really well. This is only my third day but I am LOVING IT! I have the best master teacher!!! She is kind of crazy for taking me in AND for letting me take on science during the first week of student teaching!!! HAHAHA!!! First day... not a big deal, second day.... ugh... my lesson didn't go as I planned, but I can say that today was pretty good and the kids really liked the experiment and lesson on the smart board.... love having one of those in the classroom. I will continue in second grade until beginning of March and then, I will move to fourth grade with another great master teacher! I AM SO LUCKY! Thank you friends for letting me finish my credential with you guys! So balancing student teaching, night classes, homework, preparing for the next day, work (I still work 2 hours a day in the library so I can keep my job for next year in case there are no openings around here), kids, husband, cleaning, laundry, sports, different organizations that I said I would help out, and.... Sleep I am exhausted and really looking towards the day life will get back to somewhat of a routine where everyone will be able to talk to me again and me not snapping back at them! I am going to take this time to enjoy and learn as much as possible. I really love what I am doing now and can't wait to be in my own classroom full time. That's all for now... I am sure I will have plenty of funny stories to tell!

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