Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KONY 2012

KONY 2012... What the heck is this all about??? If you watched the video, you are dying to post it on your facebook, get others involved, and take action in the campaign. Some critics say there are hidden intentions for this cause and that the director did a great job editing this film (hiding some truths). Others are calling people followers for taking action and making this cause a priority.
Where do you stand?
Where do I stand?
I say more power to those trying to make a difference in the world we live in, power to those that have the courage to to take action and battle those that ignores the problems, power to those that can do something about it. Yes, this cause is not the only cause out there that we need to fight for. Yes, this cause is not at home. Yes, this is not a new problem. Yes, this is something that everyone can help with. If you didn't create or had the idea or knew how to put it together... you can now join in the cause and help. How would you feel if this was taking place in your school, hometown, state, country? Would you criticize those with the power to make a change and help you? I say NO. I would welcome all the help I could get. I would be grateful for having someone fight for me, my brothers, sisters, parents, for a school, freedom of speech, etc. How can you say we are followers? What are you doing to save the those in need in this country or any other part of this world? How dare you criticize those willing to help???
I grew up in a free country that has potentials to grow tremendously. It has its positives and negatives... but I love my country. There are so many other free countries in this world and I hope the ones that are caught in terrible times will soon find a way to have freedom of speech and be allowed to grow up to see a beautiful place where ever they may be.
I am inviting our 7th & 8th graders to watch and participate. I want them to see that not everyone has the same rights as they did, that not everyone has a full family at home, house, cars, money to go to movies, games, shopping, food... This is not about what political side you stand, it is about coming together to aid those in need. I think once Kony 2012 has achieved its purpose that we, the world, will continue to fight for another cause.
I can make a difference... so can you!

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