Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First day of teaching!

My first day of teaching ha it's up and down. The kids were wonderful and in their best behavior but I know soon it will all change. However, I am going to keep a positive attitude and hope they know better then try anything with me. Since we try to treat them as if they are in junior high (we are a k-8 school), I will teach the ELA and one portion of pre-algebra.
I am so excited to be doing something I have been working towards for the past THOUSAND years!!!
Here is the down side, one of my test to complete the credential program expired in May and now not sure if I will get the paper needed to teach. Options... They will either find a waiver and keep me working or I will have to go back to my previous job as a librarian (worst case scenario) so please send positive thoughts my way.
Brent had a great first day as a sophomore. The curse of sophomore year truly exist and I can already see it come out. Hopefully football will keep him in line!
Tori is an 8th grader... She is partially in my class during the day. She did great during the first day of school and is super excited about this school year.
Ready for day 2! BRING IT!!!

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