Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Confessions of teens mom #8

Weird crazy emotions! Blessed that my
Kid is alive and well! Just finished one of the toughest assignment a parent has to do for the Every 15 Minute Program. Glen and I were asked to write an obituary for Brent. Without knowing how to write one, we looked up a few examples but Glen took over and wrote a beautiful obituary. I just cried! The fear of losing one of my kids is just unbearable. It is my hope that Brent and Victoria, and all the other teenagers, will take the hard lessons  being taught to heart and think twice before doing something stupid.
Please help me to continue to have strength and patience to raise smart young man and woman so they can make good decisions as they grow and become more independent. 

(Lots of love!)

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  1. I just received an email from a GA friend saying one her good friend's son was just killed in a horrible car accident. He was her son's age (early 20's). That family will be writing an actual obituary for their son. So very sad to lose a child at any age.