Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Break - Disneyland!

During our Fall Break, we decided to go to Disneyland for a day. Yes... ONE DAY! We drove down on Sunday and when we arrived, we hung out with our good friends the Wyrsch Family. Downtown Disney was a must and had a blast! Good shoppes and good company kept us busy! We saw many friends from Ripon there and we knew more were on the way!

Monday morning, bright and early, we were off to enjoy the park. We hit all the major rides first thing in the morning, then we just kept going! We finally connected with Caleb, Brooke & Dylan. More rides and fun!

After a late lunch, we went to California Adventure... WE LOVE THAT PARK! We ran up and down riding all the best rides possible, and we even saw the Aladdin theater performance.

We hopped back to Disney to finish our great day. Lots of "just one more ride" and at 9pm with sad goodbyes, we were off to drive home. That was THE LONGEST drive home but worth it! Can't wait for the next adventure!
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